Grinders 'n' Stuffers... Where did you go??

So sad to see you go

We are sorry, but Grinders 'n' Stuffers has left the building...

We made a good run at it, and sustained it for a few years, but the business never sustained itself. There comes a time when hard decisions have to be made, and it is with great reluctance that the e-doors to Grinders 'n' Stuffers are closing for the last time and a FOR SALE sign is in the window.

We stand by our products and our commitment to quality customer service, so those of you who purchased from us can still expect the same professional level of customer service that we promised when you bought your product.

Contact us at 877-273-7222 if you require customer service or if you are interested in purchasing the grindersnstuffers.com domain. If we don't answer, don't fret - just be sure to leave a detailed message and we will respond.

Grinders 'n' Stuffers